At Three Counties Pools & spas we supply the full range of Bayrol products. We always carry large stocks to ensure immediate dispatch of your products. Bayrol’s range of bromine and chlorine based products with their unique technology is one of the best known brands. Bayrol is renowned for its high-quality products, they include everything that is needed to maintain the highest water quality for your swimming pool.
A completely chlorine free product called Bayrol Soft & Easy, it comes available in two pack sizes. A 20m3 or 30m3 sachet to best match the size of your swimming pool. This product is a great alternative to Chlorine or Bromine based products. It provides you with a more gentle approach to swimming pool water care.

Soft and Easy is a water care system based on, active oxygen in concentrated granular form. The system can be used for pool disinfection, algae prevention, pH buffering and clarifying.

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