Sanistream Filters

Sanistream Filters from Darlly Europe, a revolutionary direct inline filtration system. The SaniStream Filters provide a new and unique technology providing a safe and effective sanitiser dispenser. Replace your standard cartridge filter with the equvalant from the Darlly DL filter range, insert the Spapod and fill with tablets. This provides your spa water with a fully integrated treatment system. SaniStream is suitable for both domestic hot tubs and hot tubs for business use. When used in conjuction with the SANISTREAM SPAPOD it ensures compliance with Section 76 of HSG282 regulations. This regulation applies to hot tubs for business use such as in a holiday let situation.

The many benifits of the Spapod are ease of use and easy to install. Its keeps the chemicals away from bathers and can use either chlorine or bromine tablets. The Spapod does not require removal when bathing.

Inline Chemical Dosing Guide Instructions

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