SC731 Sanistream Filter J400


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SC731 Darlly Sanistream Filter

The SC731 Sanistream Filter is suiable for the Jacuzzi Premium J400 series spas. It comes with the lid for the bromine pod / SANISTREAM SPAPOD

This filter is the equivalent size to the following

Filter Dimensions SC731
mm Inch
Length 440 17.7
Dia OD 150 5.9
Top detail DL Handle
Bottom detail 50mm Male Coarse (SEA) Thread


From Darlly Europe comes a revolutionary, direct inline filtration system called SaniStream . A new and unique technology providing a safe and effective sanitiser dispenser. Replace your standard cartridge filter with the equvalant from the Darlly DL filter range, insert the Spapod and fill with tablets. This provides your spa water with a fully integrated treatment system. SaniStream is suitable for both domestic hot tubs and hot tubs for business use. When used in conjuction with the sanistream Spapod it ensures compliance with Section 76 of HSG282 regulations. This regulation applies to hot tubs for business use such as in a holiday let situation.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Keeps chemicals away from bathers
  • Uses a regular small chlorine or bromine tablets
  • Does not require removal when bathing
  • Require no modifications to be made to the hot tub
  • Allows compliance with section 76 of HSG 282 for hot tubs installed in holiday lets

This filter is compatable with the SANISTREAM SPAPOD

Inline Chemical Dosing Guide


In order to aid experiencing the best use of your hot tub, it is vital that the filter cartridge is maintained correctly. If your water chemistry is correct and the filter is dirty, you will be struggling with either water clarity or high sanitiser useage. The expected lifespan of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat and clean it. Filter clogging is caused by soaps, chemicals, perspiration, body fats, oils and fine particles of dust or dirt.


There are specific things you can do to maximise the life of your filter:

  • Maintain the Hot Tub water chemistry in proper balance.
  • Limit the amount of cosmestics you wear in the Hot Tub.
  • Shower proir to using the Hot Tub.
  • Clean the cartridge in accordance with its cleaning instructions.
  • Do not scrub the filter with a stiff brush.
  • Do not use a high pressure hose.
  • Rotate two cartridges to prolong the life of the filters considerably and to promote good filter cleaning.


All cartridge filters should be rinsed off every 2-3 weeks and fully cleaned at least every 1-2 months (more often with high usage). If you follow these cleaning procedures you will ensure the maximum life of the cartridge:

  • Remove the filter cartridge(s) from the filter housing or skimmer box.
  • Wash the filter using a garden hose or a cleaning tool, working from the top down. Do not use a high pressure hose or a brush.
  • Soak the cartridge for at least an 2 hours or overnight is preferable. Use SpaTime Filter cleaner for this purpose
  • Rinse the cartridge once more with a hose to remove any remaining oils or cleaning solution.
  • Ideally allow the filter to dry before replacing back in the Hot Tub

Eventually your cartridge filter(s) will need to be replaced as they become heavly soiled with body oils or worn from cleaning . Usually 9 - 12 months depending on the amount of use is a good rule to follow. This will ensure your spa water remains safe and crystal clear to use.

For more information on Filters sizing and cleaning or specific details on SC731 Sanistream Filter please contact us at e-mail [email protected]



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