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The SANISTREAM SPAPOD PLUS inline chemical dosing system is a new and unique technology. Used in combination with the Darlly DL PLUS range of cartridge filters, it provides a stand alone dosing system. Hot tubs fitted with the inline frog cartridge holder, Spapod can also be used. However this requires the use of an adaptor clip to hold the spapod plus into place. This provides a safe, convenient and effective sanitiser dispenser and acts as a fully integrated water treatment system.

SaniStream Spapod plus is suitable for both domestic and Holiday let hot tubs. This is fully compliant with Section 76 of HSG282 regulations. This also provides you, the operator with assurance of compliance and your customers a better bather experience.

SANISTREAM SPAPOD is simple to use

The SaniStream dispenser removes the hassle from adding chemicals and dosing spas on a regular basis.

The simple design means chlorine or bromine tablets can be inserted direct into the dispenser. There are two methods of using the spapod with darlly DL Plus filters. The first option is to locate the spapod to the underside of a removable filter handle with the closed style filter. The second option is to simply slot them in to the internal core on a compatible SaniStream Filter.

  • Settings can be adjusted by twisting the outer casing to reveal more or less of the tablet.
  • Supplied Empty
  • Can hold 5-6 Chlorine Tablets or Bromine Tablets
  • Can be recycled.
  • The SaniStream dispenser is completely reusable and refillable with standard 20 gram tablets.
  • It can only be used with the Darlly range of DL filters.
  • It can be used in the frog inline feeder system but requires the use of an adaptor clip.

To find out more about the range of Darlly compatible filters and the Sanistream SpaPod Plus. Please contact us on

Sanistream website


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