SpaTime Surface Cleaner 1L


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For cleaning the spa surfaces.

SpaTime Surface Cleaner

SpaTime Surface cleaner helps to create a pristine spa that guarantees the ultimate bathing experience.

Besides disinfection and pH value regulation, spas need from time to time additional care and cleaning for the purest bathing: from removing calcium precipitations from pool walls and pipe work, to preventing foam after switching on the jets. You can rely on a broad range of SpaTime cleaning products to ensure superior care of your spa.

Surface cleaner is the perfect cleaner for cleaning all spa surfaces, without the worry of compatibility with your spa water care products. Household and domestic cleaning products should not be used for this purpose.

Application Of SpaTime Surface Cleaner 

SpaTime Surface Cleaner allows easy cleaning of the whole spa. Its special formula is particularly effective on scum lines, oils and grease.


• Removes dirt, scum lines deposits and other debris effectively

• Gentle to surfaces Product description Liquid cleaning concentrate Contains: anionic surfactants (< 5 %), scent and adjuvants

Dosing recommendations For SpaTime Surface Cleaner 

Use Surface Cleaner undiluted on a cloth or sponge and wipe away all dirt in your spa. You may have to lower the water level a little first. Calcium precipitations cannot be removed with SpaTime Surface Cleaner. To prevent limescale forming, use SpaTime Hardness Stabiliser after each change of water.

Important information

This product should be used solely for the purpose specified. It is to be used only for cleaning spa or pool surfaces. Never use Surface Cleaner on materials that are not alkali-resistant, for example aluminium. Always carry out a patch test / sample test if you are unsure of the type of material to be cleaned.

Safety data sheet Surface Cleaner
Technical product sheet Surface Cleaner

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