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Total alkalinity raiser

Bayrol Alca Plus

Bayrol Alca Plus is a granular product for stabilising a fluctuating pH level due to a value of the total alkalinity (TA) below 80 mg/L.

The total alkalinity has a huge effect on the pH value, and can make adjustment extremely difficult in case of a deviation of the recommended set value. Bayrol Alca Plus prevents pH fluctuations, and brings the water back into balance.

To raise the TA by 10 mg/L, dose 180 g per 10 m³ of Bayrol Alca Plus into a separate bucket, and add the solution directly into the pool water.

Sales unit:

  • 5 kg bucket
Dosing information For Bayrol Alca Plus :
  • Filter type: all
  • Volume: all
  • Where: into the water
  • When: when required
pH Regulation

The first step towards clean and safe water is to adjust the pH to the correct value. A correct pH ensures that you and anybody who uses your pool feel comfortable in the water. The ideal pH value is between 7.0 and 7.4, and is the basis for an optimum water treatment. If the pH value is too high or low, it not only affects skin and hair, but also the efficacy of the water treatment products.

Depending on water hardness and temperature, the pH value can fluctuate widely. For this reason the pH must be checked regularly - at least once a week - and adjusted when necessary.

pH Adjustment

To increase the pH value in swimming pool water use Bayrol pH Plus 5kg

To lower the pH value in swimming pool water use Bayrol pH Minus 6kg

Problem Solver Products

The BAYROL range includes products specially adapted to quickly and safely bring your pool water back to normal conditions. BAYROL Problem Solver products are easy to use, very efficient and react rapidly.

If you require further details and information on this product please contact Three Counties Pools & Spas  Email:

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Weight 5 kg


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