Bayrol Decalcit Super 3L


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General purpose cleaner

Bayrol Decalcit Super 3L

Bayrol Decalcit Super is a special cleansing gel. This is best applied during spring cleaning to remove calcium deposits from pool walls and floor.

Calcium deposits are not only unsightly, but attract bacteria and algae. This can influence the efficacy as well as the quantity of other swimming pool water treatment products needed.

We recommend the use of this product particularly in hard water areas to descale pool surfaces at least once a year.

Decalcit Super even removes obstinate dirt and lime deposits in swimming pools.

The improved viscous recipe adheres to the walls and vertical surfaces better making it even more effective.

Sales unit:

  • 3 L canister

Pool cleaning

Your pool should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year.

Organic and inorganic debris is introduced to the water by bathers as well as the environment. This can lead to unsightly deposits. We therefore also recommend that you carry out regular cleaning of the pool and its surroundings during the season. This product is ideal for this purpose.

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Bayrol Decalcit Super General Precautions
  • Always wear eye, face and hand protection and ensure no liquid comes into contact with your skin.
  • Never mix with any other chemicals.
  • Cleaning products and chlorine products should never be mixed as a dangerous reaction may occur.

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