Bayrol Puripool Super 1Ltr


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Long life winter algaecide

Bayrol Puripool Super 1Ltr

Bayrol Puripool Super is a concentrated, chlorine stable and non foaming liquid for winterising outdoor pools.

By applying Puripool Super at the end of the season, the pool water is protected against algae growth and other deposits, allowing effortless spring cleaning.

This product does not contain copper sulphate. For more information on the usage of copper sulphate in swimming pool water, please click here.

If higher than normal air temperatures are experienced during the winter period an additional treatment should be used midway throughout the winterising period.

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Bayrol Puripool Super Dosing information:
  • Filter type: all
  • Volume: all
  • Where: into the water
  • When: at the end of the season

Use biocides safely. Always read labelling and product information before use.

Safety data sheet


In case you decide to leave your outdoor pool filled with water during the winter, we recommend to use a winterising product. This winteriser will prevent the build up of calcium deposits and the formation of algae, and ensures that spring cleaning will be easy and effortless.

If you require further details and information on this product please call Three Counties Pools & Spas on 014312 273636 or Email:



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