Chlorilong Ultimate 7 – 4.8kg

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A 300 gram multi-functional chlorine tablet.

the new name for Bayrol Varitab

Chlorilong ULTIMATE 7

Chlorilong ULTIMATE 7 the new name for Bayrol Varitab. The product is identical  to Bayrol Varitab, just  a new name. Bayrol are rebranding a number of its best selling products to aid the consumer in understanding the benefits of these unique products.

Chlorilong ULTIMATE 7 is a 300 g multi-functional chlorine tablet consisting of two layers with the following properties. Firstly to carry out the shock disinfection of the sand filter. Secondly to provide a continuous disinfection to eliminate bacteria and turbidity in the pool water.
The blue part of the chlorilong ultimate 7 disintegrates within approx. 10 minutes and remains on the filter bed. With the circulation pump running the granules dissolve slowly. This then carries out an intensive disinfection of the filter material for about 30 minutes thus safely removing dirt and bacteria.
The white part of the tablet is slow dissolving and provides a continuous disinfection for up to a week dependent on your filtration settings.

Thanks to this unique formula and together with the flocculant contained within the tablet. Chlorilong ULTIMATE 7 offers the ultimate water treatment for crystal clear water.

Chlorilong Ultimate 7 Sales unit:
  • 4.8 kg bucket

Dosing information:

  • Filter type: Sand filter only
  • Volume: > 20 m³
  • Where: in the skimmer only
  • When: every 7 - 10 days

Use biocides safely. Always read labelling and product information before use.

Downloads :
Safety data sheet 1
Safety data sheet 2
Technical Datasheet

Use Bayrol Chlorifix Shock to shock your swimming pool.

Disinfection Plus

For a very convenient and simple pool water care, BAYROL has developed a range of multifunctional products for you. These products carry out several treatment steps in one application, and significantly reduce the time spent each week taking care of your pool water.

Depending on your individual needs, various combinations can be chosen from, for example Bayrol Ultimate 7 with integrated filter disinfection, or Ultimate 7 bloc in a cartridge.


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