Freshwater Salt Vanishing Act


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Freshwater Salt Vanishing Act

Freshwater Salt Vanishing Act and Vanishing act XL bags are designed to remove calcium from source water when filling a hot tub or spa.

Used by owners in hard water areas to create a more pleasurable bathing experience.

Helping to extend the serviceable life of your hot tub and reduce the number of water changes needed to maintain it.

Essential for any spa running a Freshwater Salt  or an ACE water system on a Caldera Sap or Hot Spring Spa.

The salt system will not operate correctly with high calcium levels in the water.

Freshwater Salt Vanishing Act Instructions for Use
  1. After initially filling your spa with water. Use the test strips to measure the hardness level of your water. If the reading is in excess of 75ppm, then you need to use a Vanishing Act calcium removal bag. This will remove calcium and help to soften the hot tub water.
  2. Follow instructions on the box for help with the correct positioning of vanishing Act. Refer to the user manual of your spa if in any doubt. It will differ depending on your spa model.
Usage advice

When using a Vanishing Act calcium remover bag. We recommend to give a thorough rinse through prior to placing it into the hot tub.

It is advised that the bag is left in the hot tub for 24 hours. Turning it around after 12 hours.

In areas that have particularly hard source water. You may require more than one standard  Vanishing Act or  XL bag to remove all the Calcium.

Watch the Caldera Spas Freshwater Salt start up video:  Start Video

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