Floating Tablet Dispenser


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Floating Tablet Dispenser

Floating Tablet Dispenser. Suitable for use with chlorine tablets or bromine tablets. Comes with screw lock cap making it very easy to adjust the bromine or chlorine levels released into your hot tub water.

Spa Floating Dispenser are ideal for spas/hot tubs and small pools.

Features easy access for bromine tablet refill without the need to re-adjust the feeder or fully unwind the stem. Has fully adjustable flow and erosion control and comes with float and tie string.

A safe and easy way to use a tablets as a sanitizer in your hot tub

Always test your Hot tub water regularly with InstaTest 4 way test strips

Floating Tablet Dispenser Instructions

We recommend you remove the floating dispenser from the water while using the hot tub or spa. Always replace the floating dispenser once the bathing session is finished. Store and keep out of reach of small children when not in use.


In addition to pH regulation, water disinfection is another essential part of the pool water care. Untreated water is the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. If nothing is done against them, they will multiply quickly and will cause turbidity and unpleasant swimming pool or hot tub water. This will lead to an increased risk from infections caused by the water.

Therefore it is necessary to keep these microorganisms away, and to maintain the water hygienically clean at all times.

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