Hot Tub Regulations for Holiday Lets

Hot tub regulations for holiday lets

A lot of holiday let owners may not be aware that there are regulations to follow when it comes to hot tubs in their properties. What Spas blog post highlights the legal requirements for providing a good experience for guests, and also gives some tips on the right kind of hot tubs for use with your holiday let.
It also provides a breakdown of the steps necessary to help ensure that your hot tub is ready for your guests.

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Holiday Let Chemicals

You will find a selection of products specifically aimed at the Holiday Let Hot Tub market. Generally, hot tub chemicals are sold in either 1kg or 1Ltr pack sizes. This is fine for the domestic hot tub user, but not for the business user.

This selection of products provides much better value for money as you are buying in bulk. Most pack sizes are either 5kg or 5ltr. Another benefit is less waste is created due to less packaging.

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