Hot Tub Flush 1L


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Deep clean for your spas plumbing.

Hot Tub Flush  1L

Hot Tub Flush 1L is a liquid cleaner that has been specially formulated to remove build up of biofilm and oil deposits in spas plumbing. This product should be used just prior to draining the water out of the hot tub every 3-4 months.

Packs sizes available 1L and  5Ltr

Application Instructions For Hot Tub Flush 1L

  1. When changing the water every 3-4 months, Hot Tub Flush should be used prior to draining down the hot tub.
  2. Remove cartridge filter prior to the application of this product.
  3. Dose directly into Hot Tub skimmer baskets whilst the pumps are running to assist the distribution of the product.
  4. As a routine treatment, leave the pumps running for a minimum of 30 minutes after application and a further 30 minutes of standing water, prior to draining the hot tub water.


Application Dose Rates
Water volumes
Litres Gallons Dose Rates
1,000 220 200ml
1,500 330 300ml
over 2,000 over 440 400ml


If a long period of time has past between cleaning with hot tub flush and pipe cleaning,  always leave the pumps running for a minimum of 30 minutes after application. Then leave the treated hot tub water for 12 hours to stand, prior to draining down and replacing hot tub water.

General Precautions

  • Never mix with any other chemicals including cleaning products and chlorine products, as a dangerous reaction may occur.
  • Do not pour this product into a skimmer containing chlorine/bromine tablets or any other product.

Safety Data Sheet

If you require further details and information on this product please call Three Counties Pools & Spas on 01432 273636 or Email:


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