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SpaTime Pipework cleaner

Spatime pipework cleaner should be used prior to a water change being undertaken on the hot tub. It provided an effective way to clean the parts of the spa you can not reach like the inside of pipework, backs of jets, etc. Regular use of this product will help prevent impurities building up within the internal components of the hot tub.


Over a period of time pipework can become contaminated. The impurities in the pipework absorb the disinfectant, causing problems with the water treatment. SpaTime Pipework Cleaner consists of special granules for deep cleansing of the spa pipework.

Dosing recommendations For SpaTime Pipework Cleaner

Use 200 g/m3 for cleaning the spa before changing the water.

Add 200 g per m3 of SpaTime Pipework Cleaner to the filter cartridge or dosing device and let the pump run for approximately 5 minutes. Should dosing in the filter cartridge or skimmer not be possible, dissolve the granules in a bucket with approximately 5 L water and dose directly into the spa with the pump running. Allow the granules to soak for approximately 1 hour and again briefly circulate. Then drain the spa and rinse with clean water. Do not use the spa during this treatment. If necessary, clean the spa with SpaTime Surface Cleaner and then fill with fresh water.

Safety data sheet Pipework Cleaner
Technical product sheet Pipework Cleaner

Besides disinfection and pH value regulation, spas need from time to time additional care and cleaning for the purest bathing: from removing calcium precipitations from pool walls and pipe work, to preventing foam after switching on the jets. You can rely on a broad range of SpaTime cleaning products to ensure superior care of your spa.

Remember to clean your filter  with SpaTime Filter Cleaning Sachets

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