SpaTime Filter Cleaning Sachets

SpaTime Filter Cleaning sachets

SpaTime Filter Cleaning Sachets


For cleaning filter cartridges.

Box of 4 100 gram sachets

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Product Description

 SpaTime Filter Cleaning sachet

Ensuring your hot tub filter is clean is an often overlooked part of your hot tub water care maintenance. Your hot tub filter should be clean every 2-3 months with SpaTime filter cleaning sachets.      A pristine spa guarantees the ultimate bathing experience

SpaTime Filter Cleaning sachet

Box of 4 No. 100 gram sachets


SpaTime Filter Cleaning sachet  consists of granules specially designed for cleaning the filter cartridge. The granules prolong the life of the cartridge allowing it to be re-used after cleaning.


• Extends the life of the filter cartridge

• Pre-measured sachets ensure easy dosing

Product description

White acidic powder Contains: non-ionic surfactants less than 5 %

Dosing recommendations

Dissolve the full content of the SpaTime Filter Cleaning sachet in a bucket filled with water. For large filter cartridges, please use 2 sachets. Before cleaning the cartridge, remove any large dirt particles and immerse the cartridge in the solution (wear protective gloves). Rotate the cartridge several times at intervals. Take the cartridge out of the solution after 3 to 5 hours depending on the degree of soiling, and rinse it under tap water.

1-2 sachets per application.

Important information

This product should be used solely for the purpose specified.

Safety data sheet Filter cleaner

Technical product sheet Filter cleaner


Clean the cartridge at least every 4 weeks (more often if the spa is in frequent use) and replace it completely every 6 months.

Besides disinfection and pH value regulation, spas need from time to time additional care and cleaning for the purest bathing: from removing calcium precipitations from pool walls and pipe work, to preventing foam after switching on the jets. You can rely on a broad range of SpaTime cleaning products to ensure superior care of your spa.

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