Freshwater Salt Test Strips


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Freshwater Salt Test Strips

Freshwater Salt test strips are used to check for the levels of salt in your hot tub water.

Instructions for adding the salt

To find out the correct water capacity of your spa, check the chart in your spa Owner’s Manual.
Make sure spa jets are on before adding salt. To avoid adding too much salt to the water, start by adding half the recommended amount of salt noted on the  chart to the right, using the scoop provided in your kit.
Pour the salt into the filter compartment, one cup at a time. Always run the jets when adding salt. Allow five minutes for the salt to dissolve.

Freshwater Salt Test Strips

Use FreshWater Salt Test Strips to verify the salt level is around 1,750 ppm. Continue to add salt, one cup at a time, as needed to reach the target level. Be careful to not exceed the recommended target of 1,750 ppm.

Benefits of a salt system

  • Natural feeling water with less chemicals and no harsh odours.
  • Save money and conserve water by reducing water changes.
  • Save time maintaining your spa with automatic chlorine generation.
  • Keep the same water for up to 12 months.


Replacement salt cartridges available as  Salt Cartridge 3 Pack or a Single Salt Cartridge

Watch the Caldera Spas Freshwater start up video:  Start Video

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