Palintest DPD 3 Tablets


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Palintest DPD 3 Tablets

Palintest DPD 3 Tablets are packaged in foil blister packs of 10 tablets.

These tablets are suitable for use with Palintest photometers only.

Palintest DPD 3 Tablets

  • Part No. Box of 250
  • AP031/1

Test Instructions

1 Rinse test tube with sample leaving a few drops of sample in the tube.
2 Add, and then crush, the DPD No 1 tablet in the few drops of the water sample
until the tablet is thoroughly crushed.
3 Add the 10ml test solution, mix and seal the tube with the cap.
4 Select Phot 7 on Photometer.
5 Take Photometer reading in usual manner - see Photometer instructions.
6 The result represents the free chlorine residual in milligrams per litre (mg/l).
Stop the test at this stage if only free chlorine determination is required.
7 If it is desired to measure combined or total chlorine residual continue the test on
the same test portion. Select the ‘Follow On’ from screen options to continue the
test program.
8 If shock treatment chemicals are present in the pool, add one DPD Oxystop tablet,
crush and mix to dissolve. Stand for one minute before proceeding.
9 Add one Palintest DPD 3 tablets, crush and mix to dissolve.
10 Stand for two minutes to allow full colour development.
11 Take photometer reading in the usual manner.
12 The result represents the total chlorine residual as milligrams per litre(mg/l).
13 The combined chlorine residual is obtained by subtracting the free chlorine
residual result from the total chlorine residual result :-
Combined Chlorine =  Total Chlorine - Free Chlorine


A too high chlorine level (above 10 mg/l) can cause bleaching of the pink coloration
formed in the DPD test and give a false negative or lower than expected result. If a
colourless or pale pink test solution is obtained then a high level chlorine may be
present, check for the possibility of bleaching by repeating the test on a sample diluted
with chlorine-free water.

Other reagent tablets for Palintest Photometers

For Free chlorine levels use Palintest DPD No.1 Tablets

For ph levels use Palintest Phenol Red Tablets

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