Palintest DPD 1 Tablets


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Palintest DPD 1 Tablets

Palintest DPD 1 Tablets

  • Manufactures Part No. AP011
  • Box of 250
Test Instructions

1 Rinse test tube with sample leaving a few drops of sample in the tube.
2 Add, and then crush, the DPD No 1 tablet in the few drops of the water sample
until the tablet is thoroughly crushed.
3 Add the 10ml test solution, mix and seal the tube with the cap.
4 Select free Chlorine or DPD No.1 on Photometer.
5 Take Photometer reading in usual manner - see Photometer instructions.
6 The result represents the free chlorine residual in milligrams per litre (mg/l)250

Other reagent tablets for Palintest Photometers

For pH levels use Palintest Phenol Red Tablets

For total chorine levels use Palintest DPD No. 3 Tablets

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