Kornea Vacuum Plate


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Vacuum plate designed to fit into Certikin skimmer to aid the operation of cleaning your pool


Kornea Vacuum Plate

Kornea vacuum plate is used when cleaning your swimming pool.

Used to connect your flexible vacuum hose to your skimmer.

Assemble by connecting the cuffed end of the vac hose to the hose tail on the kornea plate.

Remove the lid from your skimmer and place the vacuum plate into the top of the skimmer unit. Place on to the rim just above the skimmer basket position.

The vacuum plate will form a tight seal on the top of the skimmer basket.

The suction from of your skimmer line will suck the water through the hose to vacuum your swimming pool, with the leaves getting trapped in the skimmer basket.

Certikin vacuum hoses can be used with this product Certikin Vacuum Hose 12MCertikin Vacuum Hose 9M

For more information about this product contact Three counties Pools & Spas at sales@tubland.co.uk



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