Certikin Vacuum Hose 9M


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Floating vacuum hose

  • 9 metres
  • 1 1/2″ diameter
  • Crush Proof
  • Uv Stablised

Certikin Vacuum Hose 9M

Certikin Vacuum Hose 9M
  • The Certikin 1.5" pool vacuum hose comes in a choice of lengths, so you can pick which one is best suited for your pool.
  • This Vac Hose comes with  swivel cuff' to ensure that the hose does not become tangled while in use.
  • This hose will fit the majority of swimming pool vacuum heads and the Certikin Skimmer Adaptor plate  so that you can collect the debris in the skimmer basket rather than it passing through the pump and filter.

Also available Certikin Vacuum Hose 12M

See www.certikin.co.uk



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