SpaTime Active Oxygen Activator

SpaTime Active Oxygen Activator

SpaTime Active Oxygen Activator

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To enhance the efficiency of active oxygen granules

Product Description

SpaTime Active oxygen activator


The Spatime Active oxygen water treatment system will enable you to experience the pleasure of chlorine free water in your hot tub. This totally chlorine-free treatment method creates a more natural and pleasant water quality

SpaTime Active oxygen activator enhances the efficacy of the active oxygen granules and disinfecting action. The activator only reaches optimal efficacy when used together with active oxygen granules. Supplied in a 1 Litre bottle


• Free of any metals

• Completely foam free

• pH neutral

Product description

Liquid algaecide concentrate

Contains: 100 g of the product contains 22,5 g Polymer of N-Methylmethanamine with (chloro methyl)oxirane

Dosing recommendations

Add the active oxygen granules to the spas water first. Always ensure the circulation pump is running and allow the product to dissolve. this is almost instanous in warm water. Then add the activator directly to the spa water with the circulation pump still running. follow the directions on the label of the bottle.


Add 20ml per m3 per week.


Safety data sheet Active oxygen activator
Technical product sheet Active oxygen activator


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