Genuine Spa Frog Cartridge Holder


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Spa Frog Cartridge Holder

Spa Frog Cartridge Holder 74500

The replacement cartridge holder is suitable for the Frog inline feeder system found on most models of Caldera Spas & Hot Spring Hotspot models

This product may be suitable for other brands of spa with the inline frog system built in. Simple to replace and this is an identical replacement to the original supplied with your hot tub. You do not require any tools to replace this product.

The Frog inline system has a patented design and is built into the spa shell by the manufacturer. It connects directly into the plumbing and feeds chemicals direct into the circulation system on your hot tub. The product uses the same conditioning and bromine cartridges as the Frog Floating System.

Spa Frog Cartridge Holder uses the following cartridges:

SPA FROG Bromine Cartridge

SPA FROG Conditioning Cartridge

See manufactures website for more details: Click Here



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