HTH Stick 4.5Kg

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HTH Stick

HTH Stick is a 300g Chlorine Capsule and  comes in a 4.5kg container. This product was previously known as Fi-Clor Supercapsules but have been rebranded as HTH Stick Tablets for 2022.

The HTH Stick Capsules are especially recommended for indoor pools that are open all year round, as the chlorine is stabiliser free. This helps to prevent a problem known as chlorine lock when the Cyanuric Acid in stabilised chlorine product becomes too high.

  • HTH Stick 300 gram Capsules
  • Stabiliser Free Chlorine Sanitiser For Indoor Pools
  • HTH Sticks are rebranded from Fi-Clor Supercapsules in 2022
  • Slow-Dissolve - Individually Wrapped Chlorine Capsules
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Each capsule lasts up to 5 days
  • No Chlorine Lock - Stabiliser-Free Chlorine
  • Contains 65% available chlorine

HTH Stick Instructions For Use

  1. Compatible with salt chlorinators.
  2. Make sure the filtration system is running.
  3. Adjust the pH to between 7.0 and 7.4.
  4. Tablets are designed to be used in a skimmer.
  5. Add 1 tablet per 20 to 25m3 of water, every 5 or 7 days.
  6. To obtain well balanced water, maintain the alkalinity (TAC) between 60 and 120mg/l

Shock with HTH Shock Granules


Warning: Do not use together with other products. May release dangerous gases (chlorine).


  • Chemicals must never be mixed except by dosing into the pool separately and at different times.
  • Do not add chemicals to the water when bathers are in the pool.
  • Store in a cool dryand well ventilated secure place. Away from oxidising and reducing agents eg, petrol, oil, solvents and organic materials; ammonia, fertiliser, strong acids and alkalis.
  • Avoid direct contact with pool chemicals.
  • Should there be skin contact with chemicals, wash thoroughly.

Disposal When empty and providing it has been rinsed out on the pool, this container may be disposed of via household recycling.



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