Bayrol Chlorilong 5 Functions


Multi-functional 250g Chlorine tablets

Bayrol Chlorilong 5 Functions

Bayrol Chlorilong 5 functions has now changed the name of this product to Chlorilong POWER 5  the product is identical, just the packaging that has changed.

If you order this product it will be supplied as POWER 5.

Bayrol Chlorilong 5 Functions is a slow dissolving 250 g multifunctional pool chlorine tablet with the following characteristics: continuous disinfection to eliminate bacteria and remove turbidity in the pool water, algae destruction, flocculation, hardness and chlorine stabilisation.

Bayrol chlorine tablets are made from high quality raw materials, and have been pressed by using an innovative method: the A.P.O.™ technology. It ensures that the tablet dissolves evenly, and releases a consistent amount of chlorine into the water throughout its dissolution time.

This avoids any gaps in the water disinfection and therefore offers additional security for clean, safe pool water.

Bayrol Chlorilong 5 Functions ensure crystal clear water and will not cause damage to the pool surface, as they do not contain copper sulfate.

Bayrol Chlorilong 5 Functions Sales unit:
  • 5 kg bucket

Dosing information:

  • Filter type: all
  • Volume:  > 20 m³
  • Where: in the skimmer
  • When: every 7 - 10 days

Note: Use biocides safely. Always read labelling and product information before use.

Saftey Data Sheet


In addition to pH regulation, water disinfection is another essential part of the pool water care. Untreated water is the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. If nothing is done against them, they will multilply quickly and will cause turbidity and unpleasant pool water, leading to an increased risk for infections. Therefore it is necessary to keep these microorganisms away, and to maintain the water hygienically clean at all times.

The BAYROL Essential Care offers three different methods for water disinfection:

  • Chlorine
  • Bayrol Soft & Easy chlorine free based on active oxygen
  • Bromine

If you require further details and information on this product please call Three Counties Pools & Spas Email: [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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