Bayrol Chloryte 5Kg

Bayrol Chloryte
Bayrol Chloryte

Bayrol Chloryte 5Kg

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highly concentrated calcium hypochlorite chlorine granules.

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Product Description

Bayrol Chloryte

Bayrol Chloryte ® is a highly concentrated calcium hypochlorite, basically unstabilised chlorine granules used for shock dosing your swimming pool water.

It does not contain a chlorine stabiliser and dissolve quickly, for a fast and efficient swimming pool shock treatment.

The use of  Bayrol Chloryte ® granules eliminates the risk of the excessive  levels of chlorine stabiliser (cyanuric acid) building up quickly in your swimming pool water. If the stabiliser levels in the pool water become too high, then dilute with fresh water.

When problems occur, dose 150 g Bayrol Chloryte ® granules per 10 m³ directly into the water.

Always test your swimming pool water after shocking before returning to swim. The chlorine level must be allowed to return back to normal levels before entering the swimming pool.


Sales unit:

  • 5 kg bucket

Dosing information:

  • Filter type: all
  • Volume: all
  • Where: into the water
  • When: when water problems occur

Note: Use biocides safely. Always read labelling and product information before use.

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Problem Solver Products

The Bayrol range includes products specially adapted to quickly and safely bring your pool water back to normal conditions.

Bayrol Problem Solver products are easy to use, very efficient and react rapidly.


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