Chlorine and Your Pools

Chlorine & Your Pools

It is extremely important that you use the right chemicals to keep your pool clean. For the majority of users, chlorine is going to be the preferred sanitizer of choice and helps to keep your swimming pool safe, clear and clean.

Chlorine can be purchased in two different forms: either granules or tablets, and this article will help you decide which is best for you.


Chlorine Tablets

Tablets of chlorine are more concentrated than granules. They usually contain up to 90% chlorine, in contrast to about 60% in granules.

As a result, chlorine tablets take some time to disperse into a pool. This is why pool owners typically use dispensers that gradually dissolve tablets into the water in a controlled manner. This can also help to avoid the inside of the pool becoming stained by the high-concentrate chlorine.


Chlorine Granules

Granules have an advantage over tablets in terms of speed. Since they dissolve faster, they can more quickly work against algae and bacteria. It is this advantage that makes granules ideal for shock treatments.

One of the downsides of granules and their fast-acting nature is how often they have to be used. When compared to tablets, which can sometimes be left to work on their own for days, granules will require more effort to maintain and balance chemical levels.


Tablets or Granules – Which one is the most suitable for my Pool?

The most appropriate option for you will be based on the particular circumstances of your case.

It depends on your specific circumstances which choice is right for you.

It may be more convenient to use tablets than granules for ongoing pool maintenance, provided you get the dosage right and keep an eye on the change in conditions. In some cases, higher rainfall might lead to higher pH levels in your pool water, requiring you to adjust how much chlorine you add over time.

In addition, it’s also important to realize that a lot of pool owners utilize chlorine tablets and Granules very well together. It is possible to use granules to begin cleaning as an example before switching to tablets for long-term maintenance of the pool’s water.

In the end, regardless of what type of chlorine you choose, the purpose remains the same. Your choice comes down to the demands of your pool and how much time you’ll have.

If you notice that the chemical levels in your swimming pool increase and decrease from day to day due to the sun’s rays, debris, or some other external cause Granules could be the most suitable option, since they are more active.

However, if your pool is fairly stable when it is maintained properly, chlorine tablets are typically the most suitable option, since they’re easier to handle in the long run.

Many homeowners find that the best option is a combination of both. In general, tablets are easier for general maintenance, but granules are almost always used for chlorine shock treatment.



We hope that this guide will assist you in finding the ideal chemical for the pool you have. Keep in mind that we have everything you need on Three Counties Pools and Spas, and If you have any questions we are always available to assist.


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