Palintest Calcicol Tablets


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Palintest Calcicol Tablets

Palintest Calcicol Tablets are use to measure the total hardness of your swimming pool water. Thet are suitable for Palintest pool photometers.

Palintest Calcicol Tablets

  • Calcico No.1    250 Tablets
  • Calcico No. 2   250 Tablets
  • Manufacture Part no. AP25

Test Procedure

1 Filter sample if necessary to obtain a clear solution.
2 Fill test tube with sample to the 10 ml mark.
3 Add one Hardicol No 1 tablet, crush and mix to dissolve.
4 Add one Hardicol No 2 tablet, crush and mix to dissolve. Ensure all
particles are completely dissolved.
5 Stand for two minutes to allow full colour development.
6 Select Phot 15 on the Photometer.
7 Take Photometer reading in the usual manner (see Photometer instructions).
8 The Total Hardness result is displayed as mg/l CaCO3.


1 Unusually high levels of iron (above 10 mg/l) will cause low results for total
2 The pH required in the test is closely controlled by a buffer mixture
included in the tablet formulation. However, to avoid exceeding the buffer
capacity strongly acid or alkaline samples should be adjusted to within the
pH range 4 to 10, prior to the start of the test.

Other reagent tablets for Palintest Photometers

For Free chlorine levels use Palintest DPD No.1 Tablets

For total chorine levels use Palintest DPD No. 3 Tablets

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