Fi-Clor Multifunctional Algicide


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Fi-Clor Multifunctional Algicide 3Ltr

Fi-Clor Multifunctional Algicide has 5 actions in one copper free treatment

  • Eliminates algae
  • Protects the pool for a season
  • Clarifies water
  • Anti-stain
  • Anti-scale

Dose Rate: 1.5L of fi-clor multifunctional algicide per 50m3 swimming pool water. Treatment every 6 months

Pack size: 3 Ltr

Instructions Fi-Clor Multifunctional Algicide
  1. Calculate the volume of water in the pool.
  2. A sanitiser must always be used as well as a long life algicide in order to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms.
  3. It is important to keep the sanitiser at recommended levels even when the pool is temporarily out of use. This will assist in the control of algae.
  4. Every 1-2 weeks and especially during periods of heavy use, raise the chlorine level to at least 5mg/l (ppm) using Fi-clor Superfast Granules
  5. Dose into an area of the pool where there is good water circulation.

NOTE - For liner swimming pools, please refer to liner manufactures operating guidelines.

Shock Swimming pool with Fi-Clor Superfast Granules  to kill off algae prior to use

Warning: Do not use together with other products. May release dangerous gases (chlorine).


  • Never mix chemicals, except by dosing into the pool separately and at different times.
  • Never add chemicals to the water when bathers are in the pool.
  • Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated, secure place away from oxidising and reducing agents, eg, petrol, oil, solvents and organic materials.
  • Avoid direct contact with pool chemicals. Should there be skin contact with chemicals, wash thoroughly.

Disposal When empty and providing it has been rinsed out on the pool. this container may be disposed of via household recycling.



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