Bayrol Superflock Plus 1kg

April 9, 2014 10:33 am

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Bayrol Superflock Plus is a flocculant cartridge

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Bayrol Superflock Plus 1Kg

Bayrol Superflock Plus is a flocculant cartridge for use with sand filters, for the effective prevention and removal of turbidity in the water. Due to its special formulation, the contents of the Bayrol Superflock Plus cartridge dissolves slowly when placed in to the skimmer basket,  making it a continuous flocculation system whilst the filter pump is running.

Bayrol Superflock Plus is unique, because the added Lanthanum removes metal and phosphates from your swimming pool water. This prevents algae growth, staining of the pool surfaces and hair discolouration.

The high levels of phosphates regularly being found in swimming pool water makes using Bayrol Superflock Plus an essential part of your water care program.

Sales unit:

  • 1 kg box containing 8 cartridges

Dosing information:

  • Filter type: Sand filter
  • Volume: from 10 m³
  • Where: in the skimmer
  • When: weekly



Safety data sheet


The best method for quick water clarity is flocculation.

Flocculation ensures crystal clear pool water.

If your pool water is circulated regularly, it will appear that dirt particles and floating debris are removed and collected in the sand filter. However, latest after switching on the underwater spotlight, it will become visible that without flocculation, fine particles are still present in the pool water. Due to the size of these particles, they are unable to be retained in the filter and therefore enter back into the pool. By using a flocculant, the finest dirt particles are being drawn together and are being covered by a floc. This makes them increase in size, and therefore filterable. During the next backwash, these flocs are finally and efficiently removed from the sand filter.

For pools fitted with a cartridge filter we recommend the use of Bayrol Superklar which is a liquid clarifier.

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